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CFO Executive Management Services Features Include

CFO Executive Management ServicesYour team may be ready for the next level but your finances may be telling you a different story. Businesses that are in need of top CFO management talent don’t always have the resources to bring someone on board. Enter Targo CFO Advisory Services. Our executive management services generate the full-time CFO management talent your business requires at a fraction of the cost.

Whether your business has one or multiple locations, divisions or even international branches, Targo can help. Our executive management solution has the ability to scale as your business grows.

Integration with Your Executive Team

Working well together is the key to success. Targo’s executive management solution can integrate with your current executive team to help drive your organization forward. When you work with Targo you get another member of your team and not just the services that come with it.

Executive Management without the Bureaucracy

Get more done faster with our CFO advisory services. Sometimes huge opportunities can be lost because of slow moving executive managers. With Targo you can get the direction you need when you need it along with a pro-active approach to financial matters for your organization.

  • Accounting: policy, processes, procedures
  • Financial review
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Budgeting, Forecasting, Planning
  • Banking relationships
  • Capital Structure
  • Audit Liaison
  • MD&A
  • M&A
  • Standardization to the monthly reconciliation process**

**TARGO Advisors has partnered with BlackLine Systems to provide unparallel solutions to automate the reconciliation process for entities with multiple locations, multiple companies and divisions, international branches or to facilitate the year-end audit process.

Cut through red tape, get top-notch talent for less, and make your company more financially nimble at the top. Contact Targo Advisors today for more information on our executive management solutions for corporate organizations.

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